Buy Here Pay Here

Connection is key

Track Your Performance

Only the Buy Here Pay Here Center on Autotrader tracks your performance within your local market.

  • See which vehicles shoppers are interested in, the number of times your vehicles are viewed, terms of payment and the most sought-after vehicles in your local market, so you can make the most informed decisions.

  • Meet your local market

    Find out how many times shoppers view your VDPs or website, call or email you about a specific vehicle.

  • Your inventory by the numbers

    See how many times your vehicles have been viewed, how well each is merchandised and what your most popular vehicles are.

  • Location, location, location

    Get to know your shoppers by the areas in which they view your inventory and what devices they use.

See what other dealers have to say
about this digital opportunity

Drive online shoppers to your dealership with the only third-party website built based on a buy here pay here shopper's priorities.

Keep the momentum going

Maximize your presence to drive results.

Your Dealership

  • Add location information
  • Add an about us widget
  • Upload photos of your dealership
  • Set your hours of operation
  • Add vehicle financing information

Your Inventory

  • Photos
    You can have up to 50 per listing
  • Total Price
    Visible prices give more exposure
  • Down Payment
    Show up when users search by down payment
  • Payment Amount
    Show up when users search by any weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment

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