Putting your cars in front of the right shoppers. Faster than ever before.

Refined search serves up compatible inventory to the right shoppers at the right time.

Shoppers expect search to be simple: After entering a few terms, they expect the most relevant results instantly. And it’s what they’ll get on Autotrader. Using our refined search experience, shoppers find what they’re looking for faster, have less need to filter, and actively engage with more content.?

How does Relevant Search work?

Similar to Best Match on Kelley Blue Book, Relevant Search takes several factors into consideration in order to provide shoppers with a sort option that presents the most relevant vehicles possible.

  • Search results display based on shopper search criteria, previous shopping behavior, merchandising, price and distance of vehicle to the shopper
  • Your inventory gets in front of more likely buyers
  • Alpha ads also serve up relevant inventory for maximum engagement
Alpha ad also serves up relevant inventory for maximum engagement.
Minimize the need to filter results.

How this helps drive shoppers to your VDPs

Relevant Search delivers on shoppers’ needs and expectations to better connect with you. They can view more listings and actively engage with content, making them more likely to convert to your VDPs.

  • Intuitive, relevant results
  • Minimize the need to filter results?
  • Faster navigation
  • Increased engagement?

It guides shoppers quickly by serving them compatible inventory, simplifying their buying process.

For more information, please contact your Dealer Success Consultant