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Digital Marketing Solutions

Comprehensive portfolio of solutions to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that builds your brand, drives traffic and connects online to in-store.

  • Drive shoppers to your dealership website
  • Expose your brand and inventory across the biggest car shopping sites
  • Build your brand message and identity
  • Convert online shoppers to in-store traffic


Digital Marketing Strategy

Work your digital strategy like a master.

Shopper Insights

Get the "like me" generation to like you.

Shopper Insights

Leading insights to stay on top of consumer trends and better connect and engage today's empowered shopper.

  • Know the latest car buying trends and shopper behavior
  • Engage with today's shoppers
  • Better understand your dealership's customers


Local Market Guidance

The most relevant information about your local market, shoppers and competition to help inform savvy business decisions.

  • Understand local market share and competitive trends
  • Improve marketing program efficiency and effectiveness
  • Leverage the Autotrader Full-Service Support Network
  • Investing in our customers with ongoing training and industry insights


Local Market Guidance

Strike a chord. Strike a conversation. Strike a sale.

Audience & Influence

The biggest online car buying and selling marketplaces with the most engaged, local shoppers.

Meet Our Shoppers

bar graph showing the top 6 most recognized sites in the auto industry

Autotrader and are the most well-known shopping sites in the auto industry.
2015 Consumer Brand Tracker - among third party sites

graphic showing users per month for KBB (19 million) and Autotrader (18.5 million)

34MM unduplicated unique shoppers every month
(1) Omniture Q1 2015 average; (2) Internal data Q1 2015 average